Genese Jamilah Take Care Wellness 

My adulthood has been riddled with bouts of insomnia. I tried every pill, tea, and practice imaginable to combat my sleepless nights with temporary success. However, a pivotal New Year’s trip to London set me on a path to create my own wellness brand. 

Upon arriving at my West End hotel, I was given a welcome basket that contained a pillow spray. After 10 tiresome days traipsing through Paris and Amsterdam, I knew I needed a full night’s sleep to continue my European adventure, which had eluded me thus far. 

I dragged myself into the shower, slipped into an oversized Barringer High School t-shirt, and sprayed my pillow, expecting yet another disappointing sleep aid. To my surprise, I awoke hours later rested & refreshed and the seed for Take Care Wellness was planted. 

Like most of us, the pandemic forced me to slow down and reevaluate. After months of reflection, I decided to nurture that seed. My premier collection of pillow sprays are small-batch essential oil blends that help settle your mind and lull you to sleep. I hope this and future collections help you prioritize self-care.

You deserve it,
Founder + CEO